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Moving is a stressful time. The entire process of wrapping up life in one place and moving into another is daunting, and this stress is only compounded when you feel like you’re going it alone. But furniture moving doesn’t have to be a living nightmare if you’ve got the right moving team.

So what should you do first?

Choose a trustworthy moving company. However, hiring furniture movers should never be a case of just picking up the phone and calling the first furniture removal outfit you find on the Internet. 

You need a moving company that is fully transparent and professional, a company you can completely trust to transport some of your most valuable possessions, safely, wherever you’re moving to. Whether it’s across Auckland, into an inner-city apartment, a retirement village, to Kaitaia or Dunedin, you need the same assurance that all your worldly possessions will be well looked after.

Fortunately, your hunt for affordable, reliable, furniture movers in Auckland to shift you and your household effects or your office has just finished. You’ve found Max Movers, so that’s one thing ticked off your list.

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Why choose Max Movers?

Firstly, and most importantly, because when you call us about your move, we send a moving consultant to your home to prepare an accurate, fully transparent quote and to look at the best options to move you and your family. This is the best option for us, it’s absolutely the best option for you, and it is free. There is no obligation whatsoever.

Get Max Movers on the job and you’ll know what you’ll get and how much it will cost up-front. We won’t give you some vague time frame and hourly rate over the phone for a couple of blokes and a van to do your move and then turn up and tell you that everything costs more because the driveway is steep, the slat beds need dismantling, we can’t disconnect and box up your television and we can’t pack up your china cabinet. We’re the furniture movers in Auckland who can organise everything for you and make sure everything is as it should be and where it should be in your new home, wherever that may be in New Zealand.

Having been in business a long time, we understand that good service keeps a good business in business and Jim Patterson has been keeping Auckland clients happy for well over 30 years. 

The Max Movers Team

Jim Patterson

Jim Patterson –

Managing Director and Owner

A confirmed workaholic, Jim oversees everything to do with Max Movers. He has been running a successful business since 1985, and Jim has a wee bit of a reputation for being a tad particular. One could even say, a little overly detail-oriented and possibly a little forthright, from time to time. However, it’s only because Jim has been focussing on building the reputation of his Auckland business for quite some time and is always focused on building an even better one. Jim is all about doing things right, which is great when it’s your precious possessions being moved. Jim is actively involved in the business and helps out with the on-site quotes and scoping of jobs. He also deals with all the legal stuff, including accountants and what have you.

Jim lives in Murrays Bay on Auckland’s North Shore with his wife and business partner, Lynette. When he’s not working, both Jim and Lynette like to go fishing in their tinny, play tennis, walk, travel, and spend time with the grandkids.


Jason –

General Manager

Universally referred to as a top guy, Jason will probably be your first point of contact when you call Max Movers to inquire about furniture movers in Auckland.

Jason has worked alongside Jim and Lynette for 20 years. He started working in the warehouse when he was barely in long pants – a mere18 years old – and now Jason basically runs the entire business. He looks after the crew, schedules work, takes care of the payroll and all the bills.

Everyone loves Jason, his laugh is infectious, and he has an awesome sense of humour. He lives in Ellerslie, is a bit of a sports nut, especially rugby, and enjoys working out at the gym.


Dave –

Customer Services Manager

Dave has also worked with Jim and Lynette for more than 20 years. Dave is Max Mover’s fix-it guy, and is very personable with a great sense of humour. He will go to no ends to make sure every customer is satisfied. He is very good at looking after all the moving vehicles and keeping on top of warrants and registrations and so on. He is the bloke who organises the remedial work after you move out. For example, if a TV has been removed from the wall leaving holes that need to be fixed and cables sticking out, Dave ensures everything is all fixed and beautiful before the house changes hands.

He lives in Bucklands Beach, close to Howick in East Auckland, and loves entertaining on the BBQ at home – always doing a stellar job for the work Christmas dos. Dave also loves to fish and like most fishers, he’s got a pretty good reputation for talking it up – the stories are generally much bigger than the catches!


Richard –

Head Technician

Another long-hauler, Richard too has worked with Jim and Lynette for more than two decades – they must be doing something right. Working with the Max Movers team was his first real job as a young fella. 

Richard has a passion for tech stuff and is responsible for evaluating moves where there are one or more TVs that need to be disconnected and re-installed in a new home. He is a fully trained and authorised SKY technician, so he can remove satellite dishes and aerials and then re-install them. He can also advise on security cameras and alarms, and home automation. If he is not available to do the job himself, he will oversee one of the other technical guys; they will work under his watchful gaze.

Richard also lives in Murrays Bay, is part of the North Shore Brazilian jujitsu club and can frequently be found working out at the gym.


Hannah –

Office Admin and Social Media

Hannah is responsible for the company’s design and print needs, and she also looks after the social media side of things at Max Movers: keeping our brand as reputable furniture movers in Auckland out there. A very busy mother of a 7-year-old girl and a full-on 3-year-old boy, Hannah has a great smile and is always happy, even when multi-tasking (which is nearly always). 

Hannah lives in Pakuranga and works for Max Movers part time. When not working and when she can find a babysitter, which apparently is almost impossible these days, she likes to eat out and thoroughly enjoys spending time with her kids at the beach, especially Omaha. 


Lynette –


Lynette is married to Jim, so she has been the boss for a long time. Jim says that without her things would be a great deal more difficult. Lynette’s ever watchful eye keeps the entire business afloat and ensures everything is as it should be. Everybody at Max Movers loves her positivity and her ability to see the funny side of any situation. She is great at making sure everything is in order, everybody is in line and that the team keeps the place up to her standards, which is pretty hard with so many blokes using the kitchen and facilities in the depot and storage warehouse. A woman’s work is never done ……

Passionate about travel, eating out and spending time with all the kids and grandkids, Lynette is also very good at tennis; she is an active member of the local Mairangi Bay tennis club. When Lynette and Jim have the time, they love fishing and getting out on the tinny.

Move with confidence

You can confidently select us as the furniture movers in Auckland to organise your shift anywhere in New Zealand because we’re committed to your moving process being a smooth and enjoyable one – we want you to be able to tell your friends and family all about us, for all the right reasons. 


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Happy with the service I got from Ravinder and crew today. Was very polite and efficient. I want his boss to know about this.


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