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6 weeks before moving

Start de-cluttering everything you no longer have a use for.

Take usefull things you no longer want to an op shop.

Contact Max Movers and pencil in your moving date

It’s a good idea to have at least one day after moving to clean 

4 weeks before moving

You should now have a confirmed moving date.

Keep in mind it’s better to move mid week rather than a Friday

Make a firm booking with Max Movers

If you have pets you don’t want around during the move, now is the time to book them in to pet care.

3 weeks before moving

If you plan to do your own packing now is the time to obtain boxes and packing materials. Contact Max Movers for great pricing on these products.

Start by packing things you wont be needing till after you have settled into your new home.

Make sure you label all boxes

2 weeks before moving

Advise your insurance company of your move and ask for transit insurance. 

Advise all service providers of your change of address i.e NZ Post, Spark, Sky TV, Power company etc

1 week before moving

Arrange for final lawn mowing, window cleaning, carpet cleaner, rubbish removal

Have chiller bins on hand to use for chilled or frozen foods

Arrange for final readings of power and gas etc

1 day before moving

Disconnect your washing machine and dryer.

If you are moving a great distance it’s a good idea to defrost your freezer

Max Movers can remove your TV and Sky setup whether its mounted to a wall or sitting in or on a cabinet.

It’s a good time to drop pets at pet care

Advise neighbours to keep clear of truck access point

Moving Day

It’s a good idea to put all packed boxes in a handy location ready for our movers to load.

Advise the movers of any boxes that you may want to access first, or any boxes that contain medicines or valuables 

Its always a good idea to keep a box in your car with some snacks, tea or coffee, water etc

If possible have someone go to the new house and ensure adequate parking is available for our truck. Use cones if you can to reserve the spot.

Max Movers will do everything possible to ensure your move goes smoothly and is a stress free experience